Saturday, 14 July 2012

Oakham's Very Odd Couple

She thinks she's a political and literary genius, he thinks he's God's gift to men!  It's no wonder they're always rowing:

From Him about Her:
"Lately people have told me I should not associated with Helen Pender until this weekend I have ignored this advice. Whilst away yesterday some strange comments appeared on my blog...Her behaviour is a disgrace and particularly at the last council meeting, yes! what she said at the meeting is true but she knew the trouble, she would cause and the problems this would cause between me and my friend. I have asked Helen Pender not to contact me again, her constant telephoning texting and knocking on my door late at night is harassment! What a strange town we live in."

From Him to Her:
"Dear Helen,

I am writing this so it is very clear from this point on, I do not wish to be contacted by you ever again.

It was clear to me since I first met you at Victoria Hall at Mr Duncan's public meeting you had issues. 

You have a deep political hatred. Your reasons may or may not be just.

My issues are simple look after the tax payers money. I am not driven by hatred.

When I first met you I thought you were a friend of a friend and was surprised by the conversation that followed over coffee, I thought my how open Jo's friend is. I was shocked at how you described you sexual life between you and your ex husband (Tory) 
 and the prison 

An ex-husband (Tory)

service setting you up and hoping you would be raped my inmates. Then to only find afterwards Jo had never met you before and you were telling to complete strangers all this.

Members of  Oakham Town Council have often warned me you are a danger. Even Cllr Lucas although it was later found that woman communicated with you via e-mail. But that is to be expected from her she blows in the wind.

Your text messages and harassment have always been a concern to me and I have feared just telling you outright go away! would cause me problems just like those you have subjected Tom in Stamford too.

I shared a text message with Cllr Sharon Spencer you sent after phoning and knocking on my door for a whole afternoon, when you knew I would only was only trying to have a break before a meeting. You threatened to contact the police and called others. 

Oakham  Town Council say your my puppet master a phrase used yesterday. This far from the truth.

People say you are crazy, I say you are not crazy but evil you knew what you were doing at the last council meeting, and laughed about it outside. Crazy people don't know what they are doing.
This is why I don't want to be contacted by you again.



From Her to Him:
"I had expected an apology from Martin Brookes when he realised that the anonymous texts did not come from me. Unfortunately he is not man enough to apologise.

Heigh Ho - that's what you get when you try to support the underdog. Perhaps the underdog is an underdog for a reason. Certainly this mad rant seems to suggest so.

Frankly this is the second time you have falsely accused me and now you have blogged your false accusations. I am not amused and am happy not to email or text you - I usually did so in response to your emails and texts anyway and I have received many more texts and emails from you than I have ever sent to you. Nine last Tuesday! If you send me emails desperately wanting me to write to Mark Woodcock and then post a private email to all and sundry, when I specifically asked you not to, then you clearly have no political nouse. These people want to crucify you and you have just scored an own goal of epic proportions. Well done Martin. You are clearly hard of thinking. As for the acusations made against you it seems you would rather have remained in ignorance and it takes some lack of intellect to defend a 'friend' for not telling you what was being said about you. As I said another indication of 'hard of thinking.'
I have better things to do than to be an observer at meetings of divvies who couldn't run a bath and are intent on doing things their own sweet 'dysfunctional' way for ever. I suppose that'll teach me to support hopeless cases. Never mind, lesson learned."

From Him to Her:
"Helen I am only going to answer this one comment I have a text message in response to my question you answered Whoops delete or edit. The person you named has told me today they were angry with you and that is a different story from yours. You also laughed about it, just like you did after the meeting incident.
I did ask you to write to explain to Mark woodcock because you behaviour was not good and you laughed about this also outside and made many people angry. Many people think I asked you to stand up and drop that bombshell and of course I did not. You harass people and I defended you and you have let me down. Think about what you did to the man in Stamford, the loacal artist and lady at Exton.
A loacal artist!

A Lady at Exton

Now that is the END I will not respond to anymore of your comments."

From Him to Her:
"PS and I still have not forgotten the disgusting way you behaved in the church and people asking me to control my wife.




From Him to Her:
"PS I forgot to mention the posters you posted around town atacking Patsy Clifton and they blamed me and I did not even know who this woman was. The post on the web site in Norwich all things that have caused me problems"

From Him about Her:
"Today has been a very tiresome day it all started after Helen Pender turned up on my doorstep uninvited and demand I had a coffee with her.  I did not answer the door and she return shouting I was a idiot and she was going to tell standards for England I was a idiot. The police tell me she is not harassing me. I think the last message received around 4pm said I was insane." 

From Him to Her:
"Helen behave! I received your email, it is all a little confusing, it explains you are not well. It is clear to see by your comments that may be the case.  Poor you, get well soon."