Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Fool in the Cherry Picker – Or Just Trespassing?

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The Fool in the Cherry Picker – Or Just Trespassing?

You know - if somebody purported to be a local journalist or photographer and walked uninvited around my business premises with a camera around his neck, and a suspicious smile on his face, I’d probably ask him to leave.  But then again the same person may well be a little frightening because of his attitude, general appearance and the way he speaks to me, so as a frail person I might just cower behind the counter and let him wander, especially when he has a bouncer with him.  Not that his protective person is that conspicuous, by design, so I might not see him or her, (lurking in the background), whichever the case may be.  But that’s just meek and mild me I suppose.

Anyway the photos on his recent Internet publication are somewhat confusing.  Some pictures show an unfinished roof on a small building in a back yard (picture taken from altitude with telephoto lens) which seems to please him and yet another picture shows another roof, with rather expensive roof tiles I might add, on a particularly nice period building.  For some reason he dislikes these tiles so we must assume he is an aesthetics critic or a building know-it-all. He does appear to have a fetish with roofs'. How odd.  Perhaps it remands him of his own 'topper' and has a grievance with his barber.

We then came to wonder how he got these pictures.  Was it from a cherry picker hired for the occasion or did he, as is the suspicion, wander around uninvited into a building and then disappear up to somebody’s bedroom at the top of the house to look for a photo opportunity?  He has to be the worst kind of paparazzi who uses deception to secure entry and then hides in the ‘clouds’ like some US surveillance drone who then monitors the enemy below.  How much does it cost to hire a cherry picker these days – me thinks this is not the case as he always claims he has no money to eat let alone hire a cherry picker.  How on earth does he cover the cost of phone calls and new equipment?  Amazing what you can afford on benefits these days isn’t it.  

Questions, questions.  Something this local l...y dislikes intensely.

On the same day the pompous ass has the gall to claim that somebody, other than he, is guilty of “...malicious communications...” Now that is rich coming from him.  I suppose he is now a legal expert because he’s been getting away with the same thing for years.  Not to mention the other offences he has committed with impunity over the past ten years – and counting.

We are also treated to a history lesson of other instances in people’s pasts that he has mined from the Internet.  Wouldn’t it be a travesty if we found something in his past that he didn’t want airing in public?

Okay all you budding Arthur Scargill’s, let’s get digging.

Oh nearly forgot - Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.