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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Betrayal of Helen Pender

In a hysterically funny piece, Rutland & Melton Parliamentary Candidate Helen Pender accuses her 'underdog' of biting her, calls him a 'hypocrite' and accuses him of cyberstalking and posting malicious comments against her.

"A series of destructive and dangerous posts have been left on web sites connected to Martin Brookes... Last night another dangerous and destructive posting was made on the web.  Martin Brookes pretending, I now believe, to be upset, sent me a text at 11.30 pm asking [me] to call him.  I walked up to Oakham police station [and] we went back to his computer and looked up the email we had sent earlier in the day.  It had been undeliverable and was not sent.  I wrote out the name of the email and password for Martin to access the email address we had sent the missive from.  I cannot now access that email address and suspect the password has been changed.  I did try to change the password but was unable to.

I am now beginning to wonder whether Martin Brookes has been complicit in this war of cyber stalking I have suffered, usually on his websites, since 2009.

I sent Martin Brookes the following email earlier today after he had rewritten history on his own blog.  Frankly the sense of betrayal one feels at his behaviour does hurt, but I intend to find out precisely who has been making such malicious and damaging posts in my name.  I hope Martin Brookes has betrayed me for the last time.

Accused by Helen of "cyberstalking" & "malicious postings"

Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 13:17:59
From: Helen Pender
Subject: Your malicious postings.
To: Martin Brookes

You Martin were with me when that email address was set up and have now changed the password to that email address so that I cannot even access it.  You were a party to an attempt to get the person we suspected of placing malicious postings on the internet in our name to stop and that was the point of that email.  If the person replied then you would be able to check the IP address and that is why you wanted to check that email address at your home last night. - or so you said.  What we saw was that the email was not delivered and came back as undeliverable, I can only assume that you resent it since then.  I now note that you have changed the email address of sxxxxxx@xxxxxxx and now suspect that it is you who has been posting these malicious comments.  Talk about a hypocrite - you were a party to the email sent yesterday, you checked it on your computer at home yesterday after you rang me at 11.30 in the evening when you claimed to be so upset.  I am now beginning to wonder whether it is you who has deliberately posted all the rubbish in my name.

I had never seen the comment I saw on your own website last night.  The only email I sent to you today was from this account and I have never used that account before or since.  I tried to get in today to change the password, just in case you intended to misuse that email address, for which I gave you the password and it seems you have changed the details so that I can no longer change the password.  So, in effect it is now your email address.


Pe[r]haps I should stop feeling sorry for people and stop trying to champion the underdog.  Why is it that those whom you try to help so often bite you?  By championing the underdog you seem to get viciously bitten and injured.  Lesson learnt perhaps."

"Viciously bitten"

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